At Monzie Joinery we pride ourselves on our legendary service and high quality workmanship.  Our reputation and success are due to the personal attention and commitment to detail from conception through to the completed job.  When you decider on Monzie Joinery, we will first visit your home and whilst taking photographs and measurements, we will listen carefully to your ideas.  We will discuss with you your particular design and practical requirements as well as the details which will add character and style to your project.

Our craftsman joiner will then be made responsible for making your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or indeed any project you require.  He will select the timber from our carefully chosen stock of hardwoods and softwoods.  Only traditional and well tried joinery techniques are employed to ensure that doors fit flush, drawers glide effortlessly and timbers remain stable in the normal range of temperature and humidity.

The final product
Your whole kitchen will then be assembled in our workshop exactly as it would be in your home.  This ensures that when the same craftsman joiner comes to carry out the installation, this can be done with the minimum of inconvenience.  All Monzie units are treated with three coats of special finish to enhance the quality of the timber and give a durable long lasting sheen.  We can also stain woods in a variety of colours or prepare for decorative paint effects to be applied after installation.  All this, combined with an endless choice of styles will suit our most discerning clients.

Kitchens in beautiful wood
Individuality is the hallmark of a Monzie Joinery kitchen.  The choice of natural woods range from the richness of mahogany, to the honey tones of Ash, the watered silk patina of Maple and the idiosyncrasies of Pippy Oak.  With the endless variety of materials and styles our kitchens all have a personality of their own which will match yours perfectly.  Design styles are constantly evolving but timeless themes include Farmhouse with its Jacobean twists and the opulence of Rococo.  In contrast there is the simplicity of Classical and the sleekness of Modern.  Alternatively we can replicate architectural motifs such as cornices, doors, architraves and panels already present in your home.

Many years of experience have taught us that the modern cook requires practical solutions to kitchen necessities for everyday use.  Examples include discrete waste bin and panelled fridge and microwave facades.

Painted finish
Colour is a decorating tool that can add atmosphere and character.  The creation of light is a particular benefit in our climate!   To achieve this we can manufacture doors and drawer fronts ready for painting in clean ‘Shaker’ lines or elaborate raised and fielded panels which in turn require the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Bathrooms and bedrooms
The same expertise that creates our kitchens can of course be applied anywhere else in the house.  As with the kitchens, final assembly will be swift and cause a minimum of fuss.


Any project large or small
Nothing is too much trouble and no job is too small.  We can make lounge furniture, desks, vanity units, doors, gun cupboards, porches, windows, staircases, dog kennels and much, much more.